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Learning management systems, engagement and your human resource department

A learning management system could be exactly what your business needs for more engaged employees.

A learning management system could be exactly what your business needs for more engaged employees.

According to Gallup, a 2014 Deloitte executive company study stated that 48 percent of those polled believe their human resources departments were "not ready" to meet global business demands. In addition, less than 8 percent of human resource members are confident that their employees had the skills or abilities to meet business demands. 

Learning management systems have numerous benefits when used correctly, especially for human resource teams. According to Smart Data Collective, human resource departments can use LMS to monitor employees and their performance. The most common need for LMS is employee development. Other popular HR-related fields include performance management and "onboarding." 

SyberWorks has numerous learning management system services including Competency Management and Skill-Gap Analysis. This type of training is centered around identifying what is working best within your business, whether it be knowledge, skills or attitude of employees. It identifies these traits through a five-step approach, and seeks to implement them in all employees for fluid skills and uniform training.

A LMS can place all HR employees on the same playing field. If they are all trained the same way, their skills and knowledge can be past along to new and old employees. Uniform training practices are vital to business development and future managerial leadership. 

Involving HR employees in these types of training can in turn motivate the workers they communicate and collaborate with. According to Gallup, 87 percent of employees worldwide lack engagement. If teams, like HR, management or employed leaders are aware and knowledgeable of business tactics, then businesses will flourish. These employees are less likely to be absent, have lower employment turnovers and fewer safety incidents. 

A LMS, like SyberWorks, can propel your employees into the  productive sector your business has been striving for.  

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