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Learning management systems can help a range of industries

Learning management systems benefit construction in particular.

Learning management systems benefit construction in particular.

A learning management system centralizes company information and automates learning and development processes. In turn, this allows employees to be more productive and competent at their jobs. At the same time, it makes administrators' jobs easier, as they don't have to manage a broad range of training needs. Without a centralized training platform, these tasks are time-consuming and lead to errors due to the sheer challenges of handling such high volumes.

Learning management systems can benefit a range of industries, but are particularly valuable to those that have to comply with laws and regulations. This may include construction firms, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products, health establishments, financial services, oil and gas, food manufacturers and others that must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA's) rules and regulations.

The construction industry is one area where training and safety compliance are especially critical, owing to the high number of risks workers face. Using a LMS offers a method by which your firm can boost worker safety and protection.

OSHA uses completion of courses and certificates of skills as a way of measuring compliance. Organizations can create courses that educate employees on workplace safety standards. Training them in these practices increases their ability to implement them on site. By creating a safer, more compliant work environment, you reduce the risk of injuries. In addition, you decrease the likelihood of citations or fines from OSHA.

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