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Learning management systems and revenue potential

Learning management systems create potential revenue streams.

Learning management systems create potential revenue streams.

Learning management systems and E-commerce are two rapidly growing trends in corporate settings. Imagine the many opportunities, including revenue streams, if you could combine them. SyberWorks E-commerce/Registration Management allows for exactly that – for your organization to sell e-Learning courses or classroom instruction online.

In a previous article, we noted how your organization can create revenue sources through your system's learning content. Through an LMS platform, you gain the ability to create tailored e-Learning materials for your employees, including Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, eBooks, PowerPoint presentations and a range of other resource types. In addition to improving your employees' training and knowledge of best practices, SyberWork's solutions also allow you to sell these training materials to other organizations and users. 

SyberWorks' e-Commerce/Registration Management supports the following:

  • Merchant Accounts that allow automatic credit-card processing, including by Authorize.Net, Bank of America, InternetSecure, or VeriSign.
  • Product Lines that enable tracking the sales and use of defined product groups.
  • Bundles of training products that you are are able to sell as a unit.
  • Product Promotions, including special sales and Sub-Promotions, such as one-time sale coupons.
  • Pre-paid Training Accounts, from which students can pay for their training.

SyberWorks centralizes your organization's training resources to increase productivity and competitiveness, while cutting down on costs. Furthermore, SyberWorks solutions are highly flexible and scalable. 

To learn more about SyberWorks services or to schedule a product demonstration, please call us at 888-642-7078, email us at info@syberworks.com or register on our site.

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