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Learning management system features: Surveys

Online surveys have the advantage of being anonymous, making employees more likely to provide honest feedback.

Online surveys have the advantage of being anonymous, making employees more likely to provide honest feedback.

Gathering feedback and data from employees is a valuable way for organizations to gain insight and improve their processes.

In her article for Forbes, Sandra Nguyen, vice president of people and culture at Volusion Inc., emphasizes the benefits of creating these feedback loops. Particularly as your organization grows, it is vital that you ask for employee's opinions. Online surveys are an an excellent way to solicit workers' feedback. In addition, since they can be conducted anonymously, your organization can benefit from receiving more honest and helpful feedback compared to in-person conversations or other methods. 

During the training period, surveys can be particularly useful. Nguyen notes that an HR manager can use a survey to ensure that the new employee understands his role and is satisfied with the position and his responsibilities.

In addition, Nguyen suggests that companies can send out quarterly surveys. These surveys focus on gaining insight into employees' views of the work environment and the organization's policies. Nguyen proposes sample questions, such as: "Is there someone at work who encourages your development?" or "In the last year, have you had opportunities to work and grow?" Moreover, by honoring employees' requests if they are feasible, your organization demonstrates its responsiveness and the value it places on workers' feedback. 

Syberworks Online Survey Tool allows organizations to create customized online surveys. With easy to use features, your organization can craft Long Answer, Short Answer, Single Select, Multiple Select and Likert Scale questions. The system also tracks and retains user re‚Äčsponses, thus enabling reporting, which your organization can take into account and use. 

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