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Lack of training contributed to unsafe conditions at aluminum extruding plant

Training helps workers safely  handle hazardous materials.

Training helps workers safely handle hazardous materials.

One of the important parts of training is providing employees with the skills and procedures they need to be able to safely perform the tasks assigned to them. Without adequate learning in these areas, the possibility for accidents or injuries to occur becomes greater. 

Accidents can be harmful to employees, as well as the business itself. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducts inspections of workplaces to ensure conditions are safe for workers. However, these inspections often reveal that a lack of training has contributed to the creation of an unsafe environment. 

According to a recent OSHA press release, Keymark Corp., an aluminum extruding plant located in New York, was found to have exposed workers to dangerous conditions. Some of the conditions included exposure to hazardous substances, high noise levels and a failure to provide training that would teach workers how to properly use the safety equipment they were given. As a result, the company was cited for 11 serious violations and could receive $53,000 worth of fines. 

This incident highlights the importance of providing training in the workplace. Although this company provided some safety equipment, it did not ensure that workers knew how to properly use it or that they were attempting to use it correctly. It was additionally found that employees were further exposed to hazards by not being trained to correctly turn machines off before performing maintenance.

Training doesn't have to be a headache. Companies can turn to a learning management system for a comprehensive and cost-effective training solution. 

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