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Federal CIOs say cyber security requires more than compliance

Cyber security is of the utmost importance.

Cyber security is of the utmost importance.

Cyber security has become a pressing concern in the big data era. Organizations deal with more information than ever, meaning sensitive data is increasingly vulnerable. Cyber criminals are adjusting their techniques in accordance with evolving security systems. In the wake of the Target security breach, which culminated in the resignation of CEO, President and Chairman Gregg Steinhafel earlier this week, protecting customer data is of the utmost importance.

Those with access to sensitive information like financial data and social security numbers cannot afford to violate any regulatory measures. In fact, some say compliance is not enough. At organizations where information is particularly sensitive, like the federal government, Chief Information Officers are moving beyond compliance.

Ultimately, keeping pace with cyber security needs requires a steady compliance program and updated technologies designed to meet any new security requirements. An article in CIO.com addressed this issue.

"As federal agencies struggle to keep pace with the mounting threats to their far-flung digital systems, IT professionals must move away from treating security as a compliance exercise and adopt dynamic, real-time monitoring," the article says. "In many agencies, that shift toward continuous monitoring is already well underway, as CIOs have been working to further automate their systems so that networked assets scan for and report potential security incidents."

That doesn't negate the need for compliance training. Evolving automated technologies will likely be accompanied by new compliance requirements, meaning organizations will have to their knowledge advances at the same rate as their systems. Working with a learning management systems provider will help facilitate necessary training sessions to teach new standards in a modern information security ecosystem.

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