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Failure to provide adequate safety training leads to OSHA violations at Milwaukee company

Failure to provide safety training resulted in OSHA violations for a Milwaukee company.

Failure to provide safety training resulted in OSHA violations for a Milwaukee company.

As we've discussed previously on this blog, it is an important responsibility of businesses to maintain compliance with regulations and standards that will keep employees safe while on the job.  When employees are working with hazardous materials, it becomes even more important to provide thorough training that will give them the knowledge they need to keep company operations running safely.

The failure to provide training can carry serious consequences. Recently, Cooper Power Systems in Milwaukee was cited by OSHA for six violations that left workers with injuries resulting from a chemical spill. According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, the accident took place because the company did not train employees how to clean up hazardous materials. Cooper Power Systems also failed to provide these employees with the necessary protective equipment that would have helped keep them safe.

As a result of these safety failures, seven employees received chemical burns, and Cooper Power Systems is facing potential penalties of $166,000 for the six violations. 

"Cooper Power Systems showed a complete disregard for the health and safety of its workers when they made them perform a cleanup of a dangerous chemical without providing them with required training and protective gear," Nick Walters, regional administrator in Chicago for OSHA told the Milwaukee Business Journal. "These seven employees were needlessly injured because this company was more interested in a fast cleanup than protecting the people who work for them."

If Cooper Power Systems had provided the correct training for hazardous material cleanup, they may have been able to prevent this incident from happening. Employee training can be easily delivered by using a learning management system. With a learning management system, employers are able to provide training programs that will keep employees safe, and help the company stay in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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