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Clear business strategy, IT involvement and point person all critical to LMS success

A member of your organization should oversee the implementation of your LMS.

A member of your organization should oversee the implementation of your LMS.

Implementing an LMS produces many benefits for your organization, from centralizing training resources to ensuring compliance with various standards. However, you will want to take certain steps to increase the ease and success of the implementation.

Essential steps to ensuring successful implementation include having a business strategy in place, making sure IT is involved closely and choosing someone in your organization to oversee the project:

Business Strategy. Companies that successfully implement learning management systems have identified important business needs that the platforms address. The UK website, TrainingZone, explains that "having that clear business goal often links in to other LMS success criteria, such as senior management buy-in, the acknowledgement that sufficient time and resources have to be allocated, and metrics for measurement. Finally, a clear business need is also likely to speed up roll-out with fewer obstacles along the way."

Involve IT. Technology is what keeps your LMS running, allowing your company to benefit from valuable data and insight that then helps you optimize your training, learning and talent solutions. Given this, it is essential that you have your IT department on board. Solicit their input before starting the implementation and continue to work closely with them throughout the program's rollout. They should review feature sets, scalability and reporting capabilities, among other critical aspects.

Select a Point Person. Finally, your organization should select a point-person or small team to oversee the many parts of implementing an LMS. They should work with your LMS provider and oversee the project from start to finish. Once the LMS has been implemented, they should be ensuring that employees are using and benefiting from the software. 

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