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3 benefits of LMS

How can an LMS benefit your employees?

How can an LMS benefit your employees?

Learning management systems are used by a range of businesses.  According to Fierce Content Management, the industry will earn close to $7.8 billion by 2018. In addition, 15 percent of LMS users plan on updating their systems within the next three years. 

As the use of learning management systems continues to grow, non-users may wonder why. Its benefits seem to speak for itself.

A learning management system has numerous benefits for workers and their company. These systems are capable of tracking employee productivity, engaging workers in effective learning courses and reinforcing training initiatives. 

Some known benefits of LMS include:

  • Cross-department training: LMS training isn't just for the regular employee. With its different modules, sessions and levels, LMS can be used to train new hires and refresh older employees as well. Ensuring everyone is on the same page is one of the most important factors of employee training.
  • Meet regulatory requirements: As learning management systems develop, so do the changes necessary for law abiding training and regulatory requirements. SyberWorks is constantly updating its system as well as adding new courses that are important for users to know. For compliance purposes LMS can eliminate human error in terms of training too.
  • Mobile learning: LMS training is available on a range of utilities including tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. With employees always on the go, ensure that your workers are able to learn in the environment that works best for them with the tools that they have access to.

SyberWorks has an extensive learning management system available for all your needs including mobile learning compatibility. Learn about SyberWorks services and its learning management system on our website. Schedule a product demonstration by calling 888-642-7078, email us at info@syberworks.com or register on our site.

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