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Why should businesses invest in compassion at work?

Compassion is an important part of a workforce.

Compassion is an important part of a workforce.

Although it may not be the first thing employers or employees think of in an office environment, compassion can go a long way at work. Some business leaders believe compassion in the office can create a weak environment or hurt overall business practices, but in reality, implementing it can have many benefits.

These include:

  • Better health: Just a few minutes spent mingling with coworkers every day can help lower blood pressure and decrease fast heart rates. These, coupled with other positive reactions increase immune systems and reduce sick days. The healthier an employee feels, the more productive he or she is likely to be.
  • Decreased amounts of stress: Compassion increases the bonds between employees, which strengthens a workforce and overall happiness. A 2012 study conducted by BMC Public Health found that when employees have a strong bond their stress levels decrease, leading to more success and overall profits.
  • Employee retention: When workers are both happy and satisfied with their job roles and workplace, they are more likely to remain within a business. As employee retention remains a high priority for many businesses, one way to boost numbers and profits is by implementing kindness and understanding into the workplace.
  • Improved employee relationships: Compassion can increase teamwork and collaboration opportunities between coworkers. The stronger a workforce is together, the more productive and successful it will become. When employees within leadership ranks are able to show compassion, they reinforce the teamwork between all sectors, as well as projecting a better office environment overall.

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