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How can your company enhance its performance culture?

How can you keep workers happy and engaged?

How can you keep workers happy and engaged?

According to Forbes, changing the culture of your company doesn't begin with the company itself. Instead, it depends solely on the development and engagement of workers. 

Oftentimes companies view culture as a conglomerate issue, one that can affect productivity, engagement and overall happiness. Changes are made, routines put into place and tasks adapted to alter the company as a whole, but what if companies targeted workers instead?

Employees want to work somewhere that they deem meaningful, that inspires them to grow both personally and professionally. How can a company change its principles to make employees want to stay?

  • Ask what employees actually want: Crowdsource using meetings, emails and anonymous surveys to discover what your employees feel they need to perform better. Chances are they will tell you if you're willing to listen.
  • Focus on a few changes first: Make a list of possible changes and narrow them down based on importance, reason and effectiveness. Attempting to change multiple areas at once will hurt the work environment. Although taking small steps may seem like a slow crawl toward change, covering all bases is always better than taking shortcuts or forgetting key pieces.
  • Implement unexpected rewards: Begin a surprise employee initiative. Workers have been proven to appreciate small rewards and work harder because of them. In contrast, rewarding employees based on a new system can enhance their work production and let them know that you care.
  • Understand your workforce: The changes you choose to make or not to make should always be based on your personal workforce, goals and employees. 

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