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Creating an effective online survey

What are your customers really thinking about your business?

What are your customers really thinking about your business?

Online surveys are one of the most effective ways for businesses to measure customer satisfaction, engagement with the brand and developing a course of action for new ventures. A well thought-out survey should be easy to take, pull results from and make a change based off the conclusions. 

Take the following five tips into account before creating your next survey to ensure both its effectiveness and insight. 

  1. Draft five to 10 questions: Make the survey as short and concise as possible, while still getting the point across. If a survey has too many questions, a respondent may feel overwhelmed during the process, and may choose to not even take the survey in the first place. Each question should get straight to the point so that the responses are on-topic and add relevant statistics to the overall outcome.
  2. Ensure each question makes sense: If a question is worded awkwardly or seems confusing, a respondent most likely won't answer it. Likewise, a confusing question may leave survey takers with the wrong answer in mind that doesn't pertain to the survey at all. This can skew results and render the survey ineffective.
  3. Publicize the survey: Once the survey is ready to be distributed, make sure it is marketed effectively. Get the word out to readers and potential takers by posting it on your business social media page, within emails and on your website. It's important to advertise the survey in multiple places to remind customers to take it if they haven't before. This ensures the highest completion rates possible. 
  4. Spend time on the design: As a business wants respondents to take a survey seriously, respondents want to be taken seriously as well. If a survey seems thrown together, has a lot of spelling mistakes or doesn't work, no one is going to want to take it. A survey should be put together with the taker in mind. Incorporate videos and images if applicable, but not too many that it takes away from the survey itself. The survey is a reflection of your business, so make sure it's one you want to make. 
  5. Use simple language: In addition to keeping a survey short, be sure to use simple language. Long-winded questions may put takers off or confuse them. Ensure questions are in chronological order, straightforward and appropriate for a diverse group of people. 

The main goal of a business survey is to gain a better understanding of a certain issue and make progress in the future.

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