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Companies must stress the importance of demolition safety in the wake of another worker death

Ensure workers are properly protected during demolition services.

Ensure workers are properly protected during demolition services.

According to a recent OSHA Regional News Release, a 46-year-old worker was killed during a building collapse at the Staten Island auto dealership Dana Ford Lincoln. 

The worker was employed by Formica Construction Co. Inc. of Port Richmond, New York at the time of the November 2014 accident. 

The U.S. Department of Labor OSHA inspectors found the construction company had disregarded demolition safety protocols put in place to prevent these types of accidents. The company was cited for three willful, three serious and one other-than serious OSHA violation. These include:

  • Lack of wall security and bracing while workers were on-site.
  • Not conducting a required pre-demolition engineering survey to determine building stability and possibility of structural collapse.
  • Removing load-supporting sections of walls and floors before upper-levels were demolished and removed.

Demolition and cleanup safety are vital components of the construction sector. Many factors and safety issues must be taken into consideration before and during work, according to OSHA. These include:

  • Determining any types of hazardous chemical or other adverse health exposure on the work site. 
  • Inspection for signs of possible building instability and future collapse.
  • Inspecting, maintaining and bracing all walls and flooring during the time workers are performing duties.
  • Not removing structural or load supporting parts of the building, while workers are constructing upper floors until after they are finished.
  • Warning workers of potential falling hazards and providing adequate safety materials and training prior to and during work completion.

More information on demolition safety can be found here

The company has 15 days to comply to the proposed fines of $121,000, meet with an OSHA area director or contest the findings. 

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