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5 tips to start the workweek off right

Boost employee morale with these five tips.

Boost employee morale with these five tips.

Maintaining a high employee morale is an essential part of a happy, productive business. Although happiness is only one component of an effective workforce, it is one of the most important, and one that can be easily changed or developed if the right steps are taken.

Setting a bright, optimistic tone at the beginning of the week can set forth a more engaged, involved workweek, one that has employees and management satisfied. Starting this Monday, implement the following five tips into your business development for higher morale and increased happiness. 

  • Be kind: Although this may seem obvious, being kind can go a long way in an office environment. Take the time out of a busy morning to say hello to a coworker or spend some time chatting with a friend. Starting the morning with a good conversation can set the tone for a more productive, meaningful interaction with others throughout the day.
  • Create an effective morning routine: Schedule out your morning from the moment you arrive to the time you start working. Having a set routine can often make it easier to settle into an effective working period, as well as maintain a running list of daily expectations and goals. Scheduling in breaks though, is also just as important. Be sure to give employees time to themselves and encourage short breaks throughout the day, which have been proven to increase engagement and produce better work outcomes.
  • Even the playing field: Don't get rid of a whole management force or eliminate the idea of leadership, but do take a look at how it affects the business as a whole. Instead, create transparency that instills a feeling of understanding and trust between employees and leaders. Employees often feel better about their work ethic and roles when they understand how they relate to the business as a whole.
  • Maintain a flexible work environment: A flexible work environment will attract great new hires as well as keep workers who are already employed. Set goals are important, but be sure flexible work schedules and environments allow them to be met at an adequate pace. 
  • Plan for the week ahead: An effective way to manage the work week is to plan ahead. Sit down with team members early on in the week and plan for upcoming events, meetings and personal goals that should be met. This is a great way to manage time, track employee progress and field any issues that may arise.

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