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What can gamification do for your business?

How can gamification technology improve employee engagement?

How can gamification technology improve employee engagement?

A recent Gallup Poll found that 87 percent of the U.S. workforce is currently disengaged from their jobs. This disengagement manifests in a number of ways including lack of productivity, hostility in the workplace and overall disinterest. 

Gamification, set to hit a growth rate of almost 70 percent through 2018, could be the next big thing in employee engagement. 

"Gamification is really about thinking about what you want in terms of behaviors in the organization and creating incentives to reinforce that," said head of Strategic Design Services for America in SAPs Design and Co-Innovation Center Janaki Kumar. 

With the increase of technology advances apparent in everyday business ventures, gamification allows for the use of digital mobility, social media and big data through engagement. 

Gamification is more than just a game, but the fact that it can be considered a game is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. 

Creating an app, social media site or other interactive program for workers to use boosts collaboration and communication. 

Although vastly different, a game can be comparable to an office setting. The objective of the office is to get work done. Along the way, employees receive feedback in the form of criticism or reward. When a game is hard to play or doesn't seem to get great user satisfaction, similar to an office environment, workers can give feedback to management as well.

Gamification allows company leadership to tap into its greatest needs of its workers. With this information in hand, progress and changes can be made. 

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