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Tips for managing and training remote workers

Make sure you create a company telecommuting policy.

Make sure you create a company telecommuting policy.

One in five workers around the world telecommutes, according to a recent Ipsos poll for Reuters. While the assumption may be that remote workers are less productive, studies have, in fact, demonstrated the opposite, as Kim Lachance Shandrow of Entrepreneur explains.

A recent Stanford University research study found that employees working remotely are 13 percent more productive than their in-office counterparts, often because they enjoy more job satisfaction. Telecommuting can also ease the financial burden on your firm, as it doesn't require greater office space.

Given the many advantages to telecommuting, more companies are adopting the model. But Lachance emphasizes that it is still important to ask certain questions before allowing your employees to telecommute. Lachance spoke with Sara Sutton Fell, founder of the job site FlexJobs.com, for more insight.

Fells says that companies considering allowing their employees to work remotely should draw up a formal telecommuting policy.

"A telecommuting policy is a much-needed way to make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations," Fells asserts. "It should be tailored to individual telecommuters and specify exactly what tasks and responsibilities are expected of them when and how often."

Your policy should address the following areas:

  • Work hours – Are telecommuters required to work during your company's set business hours or do they have flexibility so long as they complete all their work?
  • Management oversight – How often will managers and telecommuters communicate and check in with each other? 

In addition, implementing a training program that can be accessed from anywhere is important when managing a remote workforce. With SyberWorks' learning management system, authorized users can access employee training materials from any computer or mobile device.

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