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The real affect of health risks on worker productivity

Do your workers have access to proper safety equipment?

Do your workers have access to proper safety equipment?

According to a recent study in the April Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, changes in employee health risk factors have a significant impact on work productivity.

Work-related health risks can vary based on occupation, training and employee comfort level. 

This recent research analyzed health assessment surveys from about 97,000 employees between 2009 and 2011. The survey determined that:

  • There is a "fairly strong" correlation between health risks and productivity. 
  • As health risks decrease, worker productivity increases.
  • Worker productivity is also affected by flexible work times and recognition programs.

There is a catch though. It is not enough just to decrease health risks for a short amount of time, only for them to reappear weeks or months later. Health risks must be eliminated or plans must be developed to enhance safety for years to come. Worker productivity is related to the cumulative improved safety and reduction of risk for workers. 

How can you make your job space safer for employees? Keep the following three safety management tips in mind:

  • Implement OSHA safety training and protocols. Ensure your workers understand the health risks that are associated with their roles and how they can protect themselves against accidents. Offer safety training refreshers regularly as well.
  • Make sure proper protection equipment is available and in working order. Workers should have proper safety equipment related to job hazards. Workers should always wear safety equipment and following safety standards when completing a job.
  • Test equipment and safety drills regularly. Hold monthly or bi-monthly testing periods to ensure safety standards are effective and up to code.

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