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The benefits of LMS programs: Part 2

An LMS can improve employee engagement and collaboration.

An LMS can improve employee engagement and collaboration.

An LMS platform can fulfill a wide range of important company needs. In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the advantages of LMS platforms. These included: centralizing company materials, content delivery for third parties, eLearning, mobile learning, reduction in training costs and meeting compliance regulations. 

Here are four additional advantages of LMS platforms:

Streamlines training administration — An LMS system centralizes information and makes it readily available to trainees. This can free administrators and instructors to focus on strategic activities, such as "training effectiveness and measuring results." 

Analysis and reporting – An LMS also provides comprehensive reporting on training results. This reporting and analysis can help the company gain concrete insight into individuals' experiences in particular courses. In addition, an LMS can help administrators, creators and programmers improve course content by showing relative areas of weakness of the resources themselves. Furthermore, an LMS can help a company take note of and improve its overall performance. 

Improves employee retention — By providing a means to create development paths and career advancement plans, including methods of improving their knowledge base and skills, an LMS can better help companies retain their employees.  

Promotes collaboration – LMS programs equipped with social sharing can foster user collaboration on course content, thereby allowing online learning communities, wikis and discussion threads. 

As this list demonstrates, LMS can offer many benefits, including streamlining training programs, offering actionable analysis and reporting, improving employee retention and promoting engagement and collaboration. 

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