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OSHA cites metal recycling facility for 24 violations

A metals recycling facility has been cited by OSHA for 24 safety violations.

A metals recycling facility has been cited by OSHA for 24 safety violations.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires businesses to comply with certain workplace safety standards. Failure to provide the type of training necessary to be in line with OSHA requirements can result in serious problems in the event that your company is audited. 

A metals recycling facility in Texas is learning this the hard way. 

It was recently reported that a metal recycling plant in Lubbock Texas, Jarvis Metals Recycling Inc., was cited by OSHA for 24 violations. Some of the violations included exposing workers to chemical hazards, fall hazards, machinery and electrical noise. While four of the violations were not considered serious, the remaining 20 were. The recycling plant is now facing a penalty of $64,400, as reported by local Lubbock outlet KCBD.

"It is unacceptable that an employer has chosen to expose workers to preventable hazards," Joann Figueroa, area director in El Paso, told KCBD. "It is the employer's responsibility to find and fix dangers in the workplace. This employer failed to do that."

If Jarvis Metals Recycling had taken the time to adhere to OSHA regulations and provide adequate training for employees to be in compliance with safety procedures, the company could have avoided endangering employees and incurring large penalties. It was also noted that this was not the first time the company had been cited for being out of compliance with safety standards.

The idea of providing comprehensive safety training to all of your employees may seem daunting. Fortunately, a learning management system can make it easy to provide online training. Doing so can help companies ensure that they are up to speed and in compliance with OSHA regulations and are prepared to receive an inspection visit from an OSHA Compliance Safety or Health Officer.

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