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How important is it to employ happy workers?

How can businesses enhance happiness in the workplace?

How can businesses enhance happiness in the workplace?

A recent study conducted by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions reinforces the notion that happy employees are more engaged and productive, as compared to those who are not content. Although worker happiness has long been sought out for many employers, those polled said they were relatively happy with their place of employment. 

"The Happiness Study: An Employee Rewards & Recognition Study" found that rewards and recognition are not aligned with what employees would like. Of those polled, only 42 percent said they were satisfied with the rewards they are given. This happiness factor was the only one of 14 options, including training and growth opportunities, that did not hit the 50 percent or more satisfied mark. 

The survey found that most employees would like a prepaid card, something similar to a Visa card, for a job well done, as opposed to a vacation or selecting from merchandise catalogs. 89 percent of respondents said they would spend the money on practical things or save it for a "rainy day." 

Employees were then asked to rank 12 factors that affect happiness. The top three included family, friends and health. Work was placed at number eight, just one before pets. As compared to older generations, Millennials did rank work lower on their priority list, but 67 percent did agree that their job is important when considering overall happiness. 

The survey established some real changes that could be made in varying places of employment. These include:

  • 80 percent said rewarding those who participate in safety training with a $25 gift card would increase their chances of participation.
  • 75 percent would participate in after-hours training for a $25 reward and 60 percent would participate in a wellness program for a $25 card.

Take steps today to increase worker happiness in your business as well.

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