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E-learning provides new employees with valuable skills

E-learning helps employees acquire new skills.

E-learning helps employees acquire new skills.

One of the primary functions of a human resources department is to find candidates that are the most qualified and the best fit for a position with their organization. 

However, some HR departments may be eliminating viable candidates due to their recruiting methods. Departments that want to hire employees that come equipped with a specific skill set may be ruling out potential candidates that may not have all the skills the company is looking for, but could still be a great fit for the job. 

This issue is discussed in a Forbes article that addresses the manner in which HR department recruiting is conducted today. With employers expecting candidates to already have specific skill sets, it does not leave much room to consider candidates that have some, but not all of these skills. 

The good news is that skills can be learned on the job. As Forbes contributor Michael Thomsen points out, "I've worked in a number of different fields and found that, with few exceptions, the technical skills required in most roles can be quickly learned."

In a recent article from CNBC, it is noted that employers have been complaining that job applicants lack the communication skills employers value, yet, as we have discussed previously, college graduates expect employers to provide training. This point highlights the need for companies to provide employees with comprehensive training to bridge these skill gaps. 

Although some job applicants may not have all of the exact skills an employer is seeking at the time of hire, they can acquire them by using e-learning courses at work and from their mobile devices. Organizations can use a learning management system to equip employees with skills in a cost-effective and manageable way. 

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