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DuPont fined $99,000 for death of four workers

Ensure your employees are safe from deadly chemical exposures in your factories.

Ensure your employees are safe from deadly chemical exposures in your factories.

According to an OSHA Regional News Release, a U.S. Department of Labor investigation determined that DuPont, an American chemical production company, is responsible for the death of four of its workers. 

After a six-month investigation the company has been issued 11 citations and a $99,000 fine. On November 15, 2014 four DuPont workers died after breathing in highly toxic methyl mercaptan.

Methyl mercaptan was released when one worker was overcome by breathing in the gas after it was unexpectedly released. The other three workers died while attempting to aid her.

Methyl mercaptan is a colorless gas with a strong odor. It's used in pesticides, jet fuels and plastic. 

The 11 citations include one repeat, nine serious and one other-than serious issue. The repeat violation was based on the company's failure to train employees on how to use the facility's ventilation system.

According to AllGov,  the ventilation fans had been broken for months before the deaths occurred, and workers had never been instructed to use additional safety protection.

Preventing worker injuries and deaths as related to corrosive gas and liquid is possible when the right precautions are taken. Some of these include:

  • Creating and maintaining a safety plan if an emergency situation occurs.
  • Ensure exposure is kept within the limits allowed by the law, OSHA and other safety entities.
  • Having and making sure ventilation systems are in working order and effective.
  • Identifying chemical hazards and alerting employees
  • Implement a system that alerts workers to an emergency such as alarms.
  • Using a gas monitoring system
  • Wearing appropriate protective equipment as well as ensuring workers understand how to protect themselves. 

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