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College graduates expect employers to provide training

Many college graduates expect to receive training from their employer.

Many college graduates expect to receive training from their employer.

With many employers looking to cut costs in a tight economy, some training programs have gone by the wayside. Although employers are not providing on-the-job training in the way that they used to, they are complaining that they are unable to find skilled workers, according to a recent article from CNBC. As the article notes, employers have these complaints even as hiring is on the upswing. 

Despite the hesitation of companies to train employees, it was reported that recent college graduates expect to receive training at a new job. 

"They know they need training and it's really important for them. The generation before them used to get it, so there is no reason for them not to expect it," a professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School Peter Cappelli told CNBC.

Since college students are not necessarily learning hard skills in school, when they enter the workforce, training can provide new workers with what they need to successfully do their jobs. Training is also an important part of ongoing employee development.

Lack of training can lead to a less efficient workplace, and in certain industries may result in a hazardous environment where people could get injured, resulting in losses for the company. For occupations that carry potential risk, health and safety training is an essential part of keeping the workplace safe and in compliance with safety regulations. 

Training is a worthwhile investment that can improve a workplace and make it more productive. Fortunately for companies that are worried about the cost of training, a learning management system provides a flexible, scalable solution that can be designed to meet an organization's unique training needs. With e-learning courses, employees can receive training at their own pace, while employers evaluate progress. 

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