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Cloud solutions make corporate learning more flexible

The cloud is flexible and can provide valuable data to corporations.

The cloud is flexible and can provide valuable data to corporations.

The adoption of cloud computing in the enterprise world has been growing fast in recent times. Cloud-based solutions bring flexibility to a variety of business processes and simplify the exchange of information between coworkers, whether they are at different locations or working remotely or in the field. Now, many companies are expanding their use of the cloud to their corporate training.

The cloud allows businesses to deploy learning management systems quickly and affordably, since it doesn't require a major infrastructure and software investment. This reduces the risk inherent in any IT-driven project and makes the LMS more readily available to small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud solutions are also generally easier to use for employees who may not have extensive IT skills. Ideally, they adapt to any mobile device, whether the company in question has a preferred platform or adheres to a "bring your own device" model. Additionally, the lack of an on-premises base makes them easy to customize for initial implementation and modify over time.

"With a cloud-based LMS, it becomes easier to use social networking and other communications tools to drive human interaction and collaboration in the training and learning processes," said Can!Do Consulting founder Ivanna Granelli to IT-Online. "The technology brings immediacy which drives efficiency."

Another major benefit is the creation of multiple data points. A company can mine the data generated by its LMS to gain valuable insights, just as it would any other source of strategic information.

SyberWorks has experience working in the cloud and can help you adopt an appropriate LMS. To learn more or to schedule a product demonstration, please call us at 888-642-7078, email us at info@syberworks.com or register on our site.

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