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Can training improve your company’s bottom line?

Training can enhance the performance of employees and organizations.

Training can enhance the performance of employees and organizations.

Comprehensive training programs not only help ensure that your workforce is safe and compliant, but also help employees enhance their skills and develop professionally. Providing training is beneficial to employees and can also improve your company's bottom line. 

Why are some companies hesitant to provide training? Training is an investment, and some believe it can result in a loss, after they take the time to train an employee that turns around and decides to accept a position with another organization. 

However, the benefits of training outweigh the risks, and statistics back this up. According to an article in the Huffington Post, HR Magazine determined that the investment in training can result in profit margins that are 24 percent higher, from a $1,500 per employee investment per year. 

The article goes on to note information from IBM, which found that organizational changes and turnover can cause a company's capabilities to decline by 10 to 30 percent annually.

This information highlights the need for training, because when employees believe they are valued and the organization shows it has made in investment to them, they are more likely to be engaged in their work and driven to perform at a higher standard. Comprehensive training allows them to enhance their skills as the organization develops.

Additionally, training makes the employer stand out as desirable to talented individuals because they know they will be learning new skills. Eliminating training may seem like a way to cut costs, but the cost of having an underperforming company could prove to be higher.

Organizations can access an affordable, scalable way to provide training by implementing a learning management system. With a learning management system, you can alter course material as needed, and provide comprehensive training to all of your employees, while staying within budget. 

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