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Are your entry-level employees receiving the training they need?

Entry-level employees benefit from comprehensive training.

Entry-level employees benefit from comprehensive training.

Although some employees, especially those at the entry-level, may be eager to receive training, they don't always. Feeling that it might cut into their work day, some forego training because they feel that putting in the time will lead them to fall behind. 

An Inc. article discusses the issue of entry-level employees losing motivation in new positions because companies are not training them. The article discusses results of a study by Accenture, which found that 80 percent of 2014 graduates polled expected that their employer would provide formal training. However, the reality, as reported by the 2012 and 2013 grads was that only 48 percent of employers trained their entry-level employees. 

As we have discussed previously, equipping workers with the skills and information they need to do their jobs is essential to a successful and well-run organization. Additionally, it helps keep organizations in line with federal regulations that may affect their industry, such as those set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

So why are some employers reluctant to provide training? According to the article, one of the major reasons for foregoing training is the expense. Training can be expensive, but the cost of losing valuable talent assets may be a worse fate for some companies. Accenture's report found that the cost of losing these employees could be higher than the price of training them. 

Training does not have to break the bank. A learning management system is a cost-effective, scalable solution that can provide comprehensive training to your employees. With e-learning courses, employees can train at their own pace and even learn valuable skills and company policies remotely from their own mobile devices. 

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