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Are freelancers and remote workers the new workforce?

The remote worker force may be the latest pool of qualified workers.

The remote worker force may be the latest pool of qualified workers.

The workforce is changing again. Many companies are hiring freelancers and remote workers instead of in-office employees. This phenomenon has benefits and cons which should be weighed by each individual company before undertaking such a change.

Why is this happening? There are many benefits to hiring freelancers and remote workers.

According to Chief Information Officer (CIO), hiring remote IT workers could be the exact change your company needs to increase productivity and the range of its talent pool. Remote workers are kept in the loop with mobile devices, often from a location of their choosing.This can boost their own productivity with an effective environment and open channels of collaboration.

"Increasing productivity, improving retention rates and building diversity makes for stronger companies," said Entelo CEO John Bischke. 

Freelancers can also be a perfect fit for your company. Similar to remote workers, freelancers work where they choose, creating a more productive, efficient work environment. 

Freelancers are not like regular employees in that they don't have to be permanent. Hire freelancers to help with a new company innovation or long-term project. Freelancers are new to the work environment and can offer creative ideas and strategies others have not previously thought of. In addition, freelancers are oftentimes skilled in a variety of different areas that they can then bring to your table. 

Before hiring a freelancer keep these two ideas in mind:

  • Take the time to choose the right person. Bringing on another ineffective employee will only hurt your company. Ensure he or she has experience, a willingness to learn and an understanding of objectives.
  • Understand exactly what you would like him or her to accomplish. Lay out your expectations and ultimate goals as well as day-to-day tasks that need completing. Having both can help the freelancer see the importance of where he or she stands in the company.

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