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5 strategies for creating a growth mindset within your organization

It's important to create a culture of growth within your organization.

It's important to create a culture of growth within your organization.

In a recent Inc. article, Rene Lacerte, CEO and co-founder of Bill.com, the nation's largest business payment network, explains that recruiting and retaining your top employees requires building a culture of growth. One way you can achieve this is through providing ongoing learning and development opportunities through employee training programs. If employees don't feel challenged, they're consequently less engaged in their work. 

Here are the five factors which are critical to creating a growth mindset in your organization:

Encourage every employee's learning.

By offering employees regular opportunities for learning, your organization is better able to retain your staff. Skills-based training demonstrates that your organization is focused on growth, both for the business as a whole and for individual employees. In addition to training, regular employee reviews and more informal check-ins serve to help ensure that the employee has the necessary support. 

Continue to offer employees support especially after their mistakes.

Learning from mistakes and persevering is critical to organizations' success. Lacerte claims that: "Repeatedly having success doesn't result in as much learning." Teaching perseverance to staff is not easy, but it is essential." Most importantly, employees need to "trust you to support them when they fail," he says. 

Give employees specific praise.

You want to be able to motivate employees during tough times, and be able to give praise when it's warranted. However, you want to avoid giving empty praise, which can actually be unhelpful to your company, Lacerte says. If you recognize an employee's success on a project, always offer specific praise. This requires investing the time to know the employee's skill-set as well as giving them opportunities to demonstrate these strengths. 

Reinforce your company culture.

Most companies recognize effort as well as results, as the two are closely connected. Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University emphasizes the importance of praising an individual's work process since this acknowledges their effort.

Lacerte affirms this, stating: "The work process involves how the person completed the task. Those characteristics are core to all the projects that the individual will take on at your company. By consistently praising specific work processes/behavior/character such as tenacity and grit, you create a growth culture."

Show interest in employee's career growth.

Managers' responsibilities involve the day-to-day management of activities, but they also require demonstrating leadership. It is important for managers to work closely with employees in tackling problems. This way, employees can learn how to solve increasingly complex problems on their own. Being able to have this kind of lasting impact on their teams is critical to a manager's success.  

Employees are an organization's most valuable asset. Attracting and retaining top employees through the previous five practices is, accordingly, one of the best ways for ensuring your company's success in the future.

Employee training represents a crucial part in this formula. A learning management center through SyberWorks can help you manage, measure and improve all your training activities to make them more effective and efficient. 

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