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4 ways to help burned-out employees

A burned out workforce can be extremely detrimental to a company.

A burned out workforce can be extremely detrimental to a company.

After a long winter of commuting, meetings and deadlines, many employees see summer on the horizon as a reminder of how tired they really are. 

As employees begin to take their spring and summer vacations, welcome them back with these four energizing and revitalizing tips. Understanding the signs of a burned-out employee should always be accompanied by ways to help.

Some common signs of a burned-out employee include a decline in work ethic and output, showing up late and leaving early as well as a hesitation to take on new projects. Keep these four tips in mind when addressing this issue:

  • Break the constant contact habit: Although the work-life balance is a blurry, often unidentifiable line, it shouldn't be. Many companies are starting to limit work-related correspondence after certain hours when employees are home. Having time for yourself is one of the most important facets an employee and employer can have.
  • Change up the work environment: Doing something as simple as changing the office lights, rearranging desks or creating a new break area can have a dramatic effect on worker productivity. A change of setting depicts a new atmosphere which can energize employees. 
  • Enforce breaks: No, don't stronghold your employees into leaving the office the same time every day. But do strongly encourage breaks throughout the day. Taking a step away from the computer, sales floor or boardroom is vital to productivity and engagement.
  • Offer incentives: A burned-out employee is likely to appreciate a free lunch on Friday or a more flexible work schedule. Obtain feedback from workers to determine the exact changes they feel would work best for a starting point.    

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