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4 benefits of employee gamification

Gamification is one of many ways to enhance employee development.

Gamification is one of many ways to enhance employee development.

Gamification is one of the top business trends for the 2015 workplace. Data motivation, tracking big data created by employees, customers and workplace interactions can be used to a create a better, more knowledgeable work experience.

Employee motivation and engagement can be achieved through a host of means, but the reliance on actual data through gamification is becoming a go-to for businesses across a variety of fields. 

According to BunchBall, employee gamification can help employers tap into intrinsic motivators. The five most important (autonomy, mastery, purpose, progress and interaction) can be discovered across jobs and duties in a business. Once these are discovered, employers must find the correlation between the motivators and the resulting improved engagement. 

Measuring these numbers may improve employee happiness as well as create new programs.  

Besides employee motivation, gamification also has many other known benefits including:

  • Educational achievement: Tracking the education of employees using a series of badges or other small rewards can have big results. One study found that a gamification program helped educators discover what separated successful students from those who struggled, creating a better learning process for everyone involved. This can also translate to employee education as well.
  • Enhance customer loyalty: Engaging customers with an interactive website, app or face-to-face meetings can increase their likelihood of using your services again or speak highly of their experience with friends and family. 
  • Goal tracking: Utilize gamification to highlight weekly, monthly and year-long goals for your company. Creating a visual representation of goals can enhance their accomplishments.
  • Increase service levels: Different forms of gamification can increase employee collaboration as well as customer interactions. There are many different types of programs that can enhance this.

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