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3 recent work studies your business needs to know

Reading can boost productivity in the workplace.

Reading can boost productivity in the workplace.

It seems like new work studies are being released every day, giving businesses insight into their employees, how practices can be improved and what may be done to reduce ongoing issues.

Keep the following three studies in mind when enhancing employee development practices or changing training sessions in your business.

  • Color the office: Many studies have found that the environment employees work in has a major impact on both their happiness and their productivity. Inserting the right hues, into the right areas not only boosts engagement, but brightens the office as well. Some great colors to implement into your office scheme include orange, blue and yellow. Orange has been proven to boost creative performance. Lighter blues such as aqua and teal promote a sense of trust, and are calming as well. Just like the sun, yellow has been proven to increase optimism and sunny dispositions. 
  • Focus on effort, not perfection: Although perfect may be an idea that many employees strive for, it can lead to serious adverse affects. Perfectionists are known to burnout much more quickly than their counterparts, with the three most stress-inducing aspects being self-crit​icism, tunnel thinking and excessive fear of failure. A recent study conducted by York St. John University in England found that "It is the harsh self-evaluative processes central to perfectionistic concerns that are understood to fuel the perfectionism-burnout relationship." The study authors recommend a few different ways to fight this kind of thinking including realistic goal setting, measuring success using different mediums and eliminating failure from business vocabulary. Failure is not only inevitable, but should always be seen as a learning experience. An opportunity to learn should never be wasted.
  • Reading can make employees happier and healthier: Reading for 30 minutes a week, such as a book from your local library or one you found on your shelf for the first time, can make you happier and healthier. People who read for at least 30 minutes a week are 20 percent more likely to report a greater life satisfaction and 11 percent more creativity. They are also 28 percent less likely to suffer from depression and 18 percent more likely to report higher self-esteem. It also boosts empathy, as well as forming stronger bonds with others. What does this have to do with the productivity in a business? Encourage employees to read during their breaks, or form a book club. Supporting healthy lifestyle choices during off time often translates into benefits at work as well.

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