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3 business practices to change in 2015

Make flexibility a part of your workplace in 2015.

Make flexibility a part of your workplace in 2015.

With a new year comes the chance to let go of "the stale business practices and and any roadblocks that stifle productivity," says the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) in a recent AllBusiness Experts article.

Here are some of the practices business professionals say they want to lose to make 2015 a more successful year:

Unclear standards and protocol

Jake Kloberdanz of ONEHOPE Inc. says that he wants to get conflicts resolved more easily, respectfully and efficiently this year. Establishing clarity regarding company standards and a protocol for conflict resolution can help. "The goal is more accountability, less noise and time spent after the fact vs. taking the time to face it and break through with a proven process," says Kloberdanz. 

Overused data

Firas Kittaneh of Amerisleep believes that analytics can offer a lot, but shouldn't be businesses' only resource. You don't want to focus so heavily on analytics that you "forget about valuable intangibles which boost every team member's overall happiness and performance," he says. Regarding his plans for 2015, Kittaneh says: "We'll continue referencing metrics and KPIs, but will avoid overemphasizing their importance."  

Lack of structure in the hiring process

Randy Rayess runs VenturePact, so he knows hiring processes inside out. Startups, especially high growth ones, often need to hire new employees in a hurry, but this shouldn't come at the expense of screening and thoroughly vetting talent. Not performing this kind of due diligence "usually comes back to hurt you as you hire someone who either doesn't fit the culture or the role," says Rayess.

In our next article, we'll discuss other practices you may want to consider eliminating in 2015.

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