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2 more business practices to rethink

For many professionals, email has become the preferred method for communication.

For many professionals, email has become the preferred method for communication.

Now is the opportune time to make sure your business practices are setting you up for success in 2015. In two recent posts, we've discussed some practices you may want to reevaluate, as compiled from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). These included not having unclear standards and protocol, an over-reliance on data, lack of structure in the hiring process and not having enough flexibility in terms of work from home arrangements. 

In this article, we will discuss two more practices your organization may want to rethink in 2015:

Using the phone exclusively 

Rob Fulton, owner of Exponential Black, says that he wants to follow up on people's phone calls in a timely fashion, but carry on the conversation through digital outlets:

"When I receive a call from someone and I'm not there to answer it, it lives on my phone forever it seems. I would like to keep following up with people in a speedy way, but on a completely digital platform," says Fulton.


Meetings can sometimes work, but Honigman of BrianHonigman.com sees more negative than positive to these mandatory company get-togethers. Often they become an "absolute time-suck," says Honigman, adding that he's looking forward to "getting rid of meetings" and pursuing more efficient and effective ways of facilitating collaboration. 

For companies with employees who work remotely, learning management systems provide a flexible training solution. They centralize all of your training materials in one place, so that employees can access resources from anytime and place.

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