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SyberWorks Web Audio

SyberWorks Web Audio enables you to add streaming audio to your Web site without a plug-in or any server software. Playback is accomplished with a small Java applet that produces web audio that downloads very quickly and automatically.

Because SyberWorks Web Audio doesn't require a plug-in, anyone can hear the audio from your site without installing any software. Our Web audio only needs a browser. Not requiring server software reduces your costs and means that any site can use streaming audio - even sites on shared servers where you don't have the option of installing server software.

You can use audio on your page without a control (auto-start), or with a very small set of controls that embed in your page. This method of delivering multimedia means you don't have a large window popping up, filled with advertisements (as with RealAudio, for example), to spoil the look of your Web site.

Our audio uses HTTP transport protocol through the standard port 80. This means that there are never any firewall issues with using SyberWorks Web Audio.

SyberWorks Web Audio is easy to use. Convert one or more .wav format files to the SyberWorks compressed format (.sa) in one quick step. You can also specify that an HTML file be created with the applet code necessary for playback. To put the audio on your page, simply copy the well-documented applet code to your HTML document.

It's just that simple!

SyberWorks Web Audio