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Is it Time to Switch Your Learning System Software?

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By Bob Goldschneider, Director of Business Development at SyberWorks, Inc.

Most people fight change. It’s tough. But there are times when it’s also necessary? and that is what we’ll talk about today. Specifically, when should you consider switching to a different learning system software application? Here are some thoughts:

When the application is no longer flexible enough.

It’s time to switch when the application can no longer meet your company’s needs. For example, many learning systems set status dates automatically and do not allow company administrators to change them manually.

When the company provides poor customer service.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a Learning System Software provider to return your calls. And the larger learning system software suppliers may not want to spend time customizing your system unless you are willing to spend significant amounts of money. So when the phone line starts to ice up, it’s time to look around.

When the application is no longer supported.

A few years back, many Pathlore LMS® customers had to scramble after Pathlore was purchased by SumTotalSystems®. And they had good reasons to do so. SumTotal eventually stopped supporting the Pathlore product. And Pathlore customers who did not want to move to SumTotal’s own application had to find other systems.

When the application is old.

If it runs on old technology or outdated standards, it will be difficult to integrate with your company’s newer servers and business applications. Sometimes, an application is no longer technologically viable.

When there is no e-Commerce functionality.

Today, many companies want to sell product training as a value-added service to their vendors and distributors. So e-Commerce functionality is important. The ability to use purchase orders, perform product bundling, offer sales promotions, generate robust sales reports, and perform transactions in different currencies may become critical enough to switch systems.

When data migration is difficult.

Some out-of-the-box (or SaaS) low-cost learning systems don’t support customized data-migration. And as your company expands and changes, you may eventually hit a system-integration wall with your current application.

And when you decide the time is right to switch, always make sure that your current courseware will still work in the new application… before you implement (or even purchase) it. And if a provider doesn’t let you do that, look elsewhere.

About the Author:

Bob Goldschneider has over 30 years experience in corporate training and educational services. He has served as Director of Educational Services and Director of North American Sales and Service for the Open Software Foundation. He built their Educational Services division from the ground up into a multi-million dollar business. He also served as Director of Educational Services at Apollo Computer and Training Development Manager for Wang Laboratories, where he managed a staff of over 50 instructors, course developers, video producers, and graphic designers.

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