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Municipal Police Department Utilizes Learning Management to Improve Training Programs-A Law Enforcement Training Management Case Study

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The Department

ABCPD police department serves a growing municipality which is home to over 60,000 citizens. ABCPD has 114 sworn officers, and a support staff of 30 individuals as administrative assistants, dispatchers, animal control officers, matrons, and parking control officers. The department's training office, located within the Support Services Division, is responsible for providing all the training needs of police personnel within the department, including making arrangements to send officers and employees to classes and seminars around the state. The training office is coordinated by a Lieutenant and Sergeant, who also write grants, police the community, recruit, and handle firearms qualification.

The Problem:

The police department's training office was using a homegrown database to track officers' training records and schedule future training. Their records management system had many drawbacks:

The Solution: The SyberWorks Police Training Management System

The SyberWorks Police Training Management System is a robust and flexible, SCORM/AICC-compliant, web-based technology that manages and tracks all aspects of a law-enforcement agency's training requirements. The highly scalable system lets a department start with a small pilot project and easily upgrade to a department-wide, town, or even city-wide solution. It delivers compelling and measurable e-Learning over the web or department Intranets, while also managing academy training, in-service training, specialized training, computer-based training, and web-based learning.

The system is customized with the look and feel of the department's own website or intranet. And its companion SyberWorks Web Author Tool allows administrators to create web-ready courses from doc files, add interactivity with sound and animation, and create tests.

The system is also offered as a hosted solution. Hosted solutions eliminate the need for internal IT support because upgrades, support, and system maintenance are done by SyberWorks. The data is hosted on a secure server with secure socket layer (SSL) technology. The system itself is designed with six levels of user authority, ID's, passwords, and date range checks, to keep all information secure.

The SyberWorks Police Training Management System delivers the following targeted benefits:

The Results:

As a result of using the SyberWorks Police Training Management System:

The ABCPD department has found a scalable, personalized solution to fit their training needs department-wide. Training coordinators have found that they are more efficient and more effective because the SyberWorks Police Training Management System is easy to use, yet carries out a wide variety of needed functions. The SyberWorks solution delivers access at any time and in any place, plus easier accreditations, and simplified, organized managerial overviews of past, current, and future training needs within the department.

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