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10 Tips on LMS Implementation

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By Steve Pena Senior Instructional Designer and Implementation Consultant SyberWorks, Inc.

“Ok, we bought an LMS, put up a course and turned it on. We can start using this thing tomorrow.” So says your manager, as you look at him half in shock, and half with that can-do serious face that has got you this far.

Of course nothing is that easy. Listed here are ten tips that you can apply to make your LMS implementation go more smoothly. If you decide on these “philosophical” issues before you start an implementation, it will progress much faster.

Finally, print this article and give it to your manager. It will help them understand the size of the job you face. Some of these items can be defined and decided easily, while others may take some time and involve other organizations (like marketing, IT, accounting, and sales).

A very simple installation, where all of these items are defined ahead of time, could be done within days (or a couple weeks). But for larger organizations, an LMS installation could easily require months before all necessary decisions are made and everyone reaches accord. Either way, this list should give you a good start on that process.

About the Author:

Steve Pena is a Senior Instructional Designer and Implementation Specialist at SyberWorks, Inc., Waltham, Mass. SyberWorks is a custom e-Learning solutions company specializing in Learning Management Systems, e-Learning solutions, and custom online course development.

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