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EM-Assist and SyberWorks team up to sign a 5-year contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Lab

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Waltham, Massachusetts – June 3, 2004

EM-Assist, a leading Department of Defense provider of e-Learning courseware and consulting, and SyberWorks, a leader in custom e-Learning Solutions and the Learning Management System (LMS) industry, team up to sign a 5-year contract with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).

The AFRL manages directorates located at Kirtland AFB (NM), Hanscom AFB (MA), Maui, HI and Sunspot, NM. The EM-Assist and SyberWorks team’s solution will provide the AFRL with the ability to track training requirements and report training status to management for their entire military, civilian, and non-Government staff, through a single web portal.

Gregg Alex, Executive Vice President of EM-Assist states:

“To ensure success for AFRL’s broad training mission, it was important that EM-Assist find a proven learning management solution that is customizable, affordable, and SCORM compliant. The SyberWorks’ LMS offers that and more. As the system attracts instructors and e-Learning students across the Air Force Materiel Command, we should see an increase in demand for our efficient courseware development services.”

Dave Boggs, CEO of SyberWorks, states, “Our LMS product is reasonably priced and provides an excellent range of flexibility that is easily integrated with other enterprise systems already in place within an organization. The LMS uses configuration files to map data between customer data fields and user-defined fields in the LMS. This enables the LMS to easily accommodate data requirements that may not be part of the standard system.”

Bob Goldschneider, Director of Business Development, says, “We are pleased to be working with EM-Assist to serve U.S. Air Force Research Lab. The mission of AFRL is to lead the discovery, development, and integration of affordable warfighting technologies for our air and space forces. The lab employs approximately 9,500 government people, including about 1,300 military and 4,100 civilian personnel. It is responsible for the Air Force’s science and technology budget of nearly $1.7 billion including: basic research (6.1), applied research (6.2), and advanced technology development (6.3), and an additional $1.3 billion from AFRL customers.”*

About EM-Assist

EM-Assist, Inc. (www.em-assist.com) has been providing e-Learning consulting services to the DoD since 1997 from their offices in Salt Lake City, UT, and Folsom, CA. These services include a wide variety of courseware development options, instructional design, tracking systems, and custom graphics, photography, and video production services. They have created over 30 e-Learning courses for 13 DoD organizations spanning the US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corps, and the US National Guard, located from coast to coast.

About SyberWorks

SyberWorks, Inc. is a leader in the custom e-Learning Solutions and Learning Management System industry for Fortune 1000 corporations, higher education and other industries. Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company serves the expanding 11 Billion dollar e-Learning segment**. Since 1995, SyberWorks has developed and delivered unique and economical solutions to create, manage, measure, and improve e-Learning programs at companies and organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the world.

*“Air Force Research Library Facts Sheet”, Air Force Research Lab Web Site: www.afrl.af.mil

**“2003 e-Learning Survey”, Taylor Nelson Sofres plc, London, United Kingdom, 2003.

SyberWorks, Inc.
411 Waverley Oaks Road
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